Peter's Farewell.jpg

We wish to formally announce Peter’s retirement. Peter is looking forward to life at a pace that suits him and one that will allow him to enjoy more time for his family, hobbies and love of teaching.

Having said that, Peter won’t break all ties with us, but will continue doing training work which he enjoys. Peter will continue to help us out with training both in-house and for our customers.

With ammonia under the spotlight these days, both Peter and I saw a need for more ammonia focused and recognised training and we as TTRA have endeavoured to do this, however, although we have invested significant funds into this, ultimately, we need more support and resources.

To this end Peter’s involvement back into teaching and with Superior Training Centre, IIAR and TTRA, we see this as a more effective means to education of ammonia and eventually CO2 and hydrocarbon refrigerants.

As required Peter will continue to use our office facilities, with practical days scheduled off site.

We sincerely thank Peter for his contribution to TTRA and look forward to our ongoing relationship.